Young Man Lifted Out of Poverty

Kibera Slum, Kenya


There is a new dawn for some Kibera residents! One such individual is Abdinoor who lived in Kibera Slum many years ago. He is a young man who benefited from our Transformational Community Development (TCD) training which encourages Income Generation. Abdinoor started little by little to transform his life with a small business around Kibera Slum. He used a wheelbarrow to tote his goods, pushing it around the area for customers to see his stock.


Abdinoor sells plastic items such as cups, basins, jugs, plates, and other goods. He is a hardworking man trying to better his life. He received our advice, wholeheartedly, and he applied it to his work. His small business has brought a lot of positive changes into his life. He started to develop a business mindset. Even though he doesn’t have enough money to establish a mega business, Abdinoor uses what he has and knows to meet the needs of his family.


Thank you!


GHNI TCD Worker