A Young Orphan Led to Safety

Gem Village, Kenya


Jane, a 12-year-old orphan whose parents succumbed to HIV/AIDS when she was seven says, “Every person in this world wants to be loved and cared for, not to be treated with contempt. The most difficult life is living as a victim of circumstances. You live a life that you don’t deserve and you get mistreated. It burns inside when you are humiliated, rejected, and isolated. When you’ve been rejected and treated as an outcast at a very young age, your hands can do nothing but beg.”


After her parents died, Jane was kicked out by people she thought would hold her hands, and she ended up in the streets to survive. She says that the only thing that kept her from being raped is that many knew that her parents had died of HIV/AIDS.


But one day, one of the street dwellers told her that he was already sick and taking drugs, and he wanted to have her, and all he was waiting for was nightfall.


Jane shared this with her friend, Dida, who suffered from jiggers, malnutrition and only ate from what Jane received from begging. Dida told Jane to accompany him to a center in Gem Village where he could get some help. She didn’t know that she was walking straight to a new “home” where she is today, in our orphan dorm in Gem.


Jane is a very bright child in school who now receives love, care and affection that she never had. She is living so hopefully now!


GHNI National Field Leader