Young Woman Graduates, Blessing Family

Spitak, Armenia


The Sewing Project

This month, we have finished the regular sewing training and formed a Committee to work on micro business programmes for Income Generation purposes. The Committee members came up with an idea to start a tailor’s shop in the centre of the village. They went to the owner of a small shop and told about the project. He said that he would not charge money for the first two months. He was willing to support the community members who want to start something new in this way. The women still need $300 to start the micro business. They will be advertising about the shop; they will be mending old clothes and also making new ones. 


Day Camp in the House of Esther

We had teams from different countries who wanted to serve in the Spitak area, and they organised a three-day camp for the local children. The children were happy and excited as they didn’t have such an opportunity for a long time. The team prepared some short educational training for them.


The Parenting Course

We started doing a six-week parenting course with the local parents. We have a team and use a special programme, which is called “Kids Matter”. The parents come with pleasure, and that is a space for them to spend time with other parents, sharing experiences and learning. 


Our Family

For us as a family, it was a challenging month as Nicky got pneumonia and stayed at the hospital for eight days. When he was out, he again had a high temperature as he got another virus at the hospital, so we had to give him medications for another week. Many extended family members and friends also got COVID-19, but thankfully they were able to recover.


Dear friends, thank you for all your support. 


Thank you!