Youth Excited about Wellness

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt

An 11-year-old girl named Mohraial attends the social development lessons every week. After she took a lesson under the slogan "I will live in a healthy house," Mohraial went to her mother and asked her to open windows twice a day. This is to let in the sun and air for no less than a quarter of an hour each time, to ventilate the apartment. Her mother keeps the windows closed all the time because she is afraid of cold. Mohraial explained to her mother the importance of ventilation, and how air must enter the house. She also asked her mother to increase the lighting in the room that she studies in, so she can see better and keep her sight.

Mohraial told her mother, “When you decide to use insecticide to clean the apartment, we should be outside the house till the flat is well ventilated, because the chemicals cause diseases.” She went on, “A healthy house needs to be clean, and we must collect leftover food and not eat on the bed. We should eat only in the eating place, because when we eat, some food flakes onto the floor and it brings ants and cockroaches.”  

Furthermore, Mohraial told her mother, “When smoking people come to our home, we need to ask them not to smoke inside the apartment, because of pollution.” Her mother was very happy with what her daughter had learned through our weekly lessons. Her mother shared that her daughter has learned a lot of things at our organization. Every time she takes a lesson, Mohraial tells her mother about what she has learned.

GHNI National Field Leader