Youth Spread COVID-19 Awareness

Kharibari Village, India


Our awareness programme about COVID-19 continued amidst fear and anxiety in the Grassmore tea garden area, where volunteers took initiative. Initially, the tea belt was not affected by the novel coronavirus, but after the arrival of migrants from different parts of India, positive cases shot up like never before. To make matters worse, the medical facilities in the tea garden are in poor conditions and there were no proper places to quarantine.


In this scenario, the best option was to bring awareness to as many people as possible so as to stop the spread of this deadly disease. Some youth took up the call and started creating awareness. They taught villagers about washing their hands frequently, wearing masks always, and keeping social distance. They are also distributing soap to every family. They have visited more than 300 families so far. Once they cover these targeted areas, they will move to other targeted areas in the coming months.


During the lockdown several people lost their jobs, especially those who had been working in other cities. I was encouraging the Kharibari villagers to start businesses of their own, but up until now they were not interested, mainly since getting employment outside of town looked like an easier option. Since the closure of most other options, they are now starting to think of doing something of their own rather than going back to the cities. Gopal, a man from Kharibari, said he wanted to start poultry farming and he needed a loan of 6,000 rupees. We discussed his matter in the committee, and the committee approved his loan. The committee is also shouldering the responsibility of monitoring his project and recovering the loan. The committee also proposed that Gopal spend his own money on making his chicken coop. Accordingly, Gopal spent almost 3,000 rupees of his own money and his coop is ready now.


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