Azerbaijan and Armenia Disaster Relief


Since the end of September, conflict broke out between Azerbaijan and Armenia, endangering the lives of everyone in both countries.

Our mission is to help the Hidden and the Hurting. That is why our team is putting their own lives at risk as they mobilize others to help the innocent victims of the war. The team on the front-lines have come across several challenges:

  • Children in the harsh winter without shoes or warm coats.
  • Older grandparents facing freezing nights with no blankets.
  • Families facing complete lack of food


Thousands of people are suffering in both countries, as well as refugees in surrounding countries. We are unable to do this without your help. Your support continues to make an impact in these countries facing conflict. Please prayerfully consider joining with our amazing staff and extending a hand of help and compassion!
  • Food box                |  $40 x200 = $8000
  • Hygiene kits           |   $15x 200= $3000
  • Clothes for a child  |  $50x500= $ 25000
Thanks so much for your kind consideration!