Disaster Relief

GHNI responds to natural disasters and political conflicts after first responders have completed their work. GHNI comes in to help rebuild, empower, and raise up those who were affected.

Our goal is to provide immediate, practical help and transition quickly to sustainability. We mobilize medical teams to supply health care, while our volunteer teams offer construction, counseling, and food. We distribute necessities like blankets, clothing, food, and medicine.

GHNI’s 3-Day Disaster Response Training is available in the United States. GHNI pre-equips volunteers with basic relief skills to help them function effectively as part of a disaster response team.

If you are interested in disaster response training in your area, please contact Joshua.Knight@ghni.org


Azerbaijan and Armenia

Since the end of September, conflict broke out between Azerbaijan and Armenia, endangering the lives of everyone in both countries.

We need your help to provide food boxes, hygiene kits, and clothes for children. 

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Lesbos, Greece

In September, gigantic fires destroyed the largest refugee camp in Lesbos, Greece, leaving thousands displaced and homeless. Our goal is to help 200 families by distributing food and basic necessities to help those facing homelessness. 

We need your help to distribute 200 food portions for 2 weeks, and offer each family 2 blankets and 2 camping sleep mats. 

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On August 4th a warehouse fire detonated a large amount of explosive material stored in Beirut Port waiting to be disposed of. The aftermath has been tragic. More than 220 people have died and 6,000 more were injured in the explosion. 

We need your help to assist the 300,000 people who were left homeless in Beirut after the destruction in the explosion.

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