Legacy of Hope

You Can Leave a "Legacy of Hope" By Transforming Villages!

Through the five areas of Transformational Community Development - water, food, wellness, education, and income - lives are saved, communities thrive, and people are given hope. Hundreds, if not thousands of lives of men, women, and children are affected...and so are future generations. By choosing the right assets to give, the timing, and the best ways to give, you can give much more and make a greater impact!

Consider Asset Options:

-Stocks and Bonds
-Real Estate
-Boats, Cars, or other Vehicles
-Retirement Plan Assets
-Life Insurance
-Collectibles (Art Collections, Sports, etc.)
-Retained Life Estates

Though timing is personal, remember there are strategic benefits (including taxes) to not procrastinating.
It has been said to do most of your "giving while you're living" and to have an updated will in place.

Would you consider investing in lives through GHNI in one of the following ways?

-Bequest GHNI in Your Will
-Charitable Gift Annuity
-Pooled Income Fund
-Charitable Remainder Trusts
-Charitable Lead Trust
-Business Interests
-Transfers of Deeds, Stocks, and Bonds

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