Are you interested in bringing Help and Hope to the Hidden and Hurting? Now is the time to set up a fundraiser and help those projects you are passionate about! 

Setting up a fundraising campaign is one way to help get the word out about GHNI and ending extreme poverty. There are a variety of campaigns you can start including birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, holidays, special events, and DIY fundraisers (like raising funds for a family to get two goats). Or you can start a group fundraiser for your school, workplace, or organization!

The possibilities are endless! This is your campaign and together we can end extreme poverty!

Our team is here to assist you during this campaign. If you have any questions, you can contact us at here.


Step 1: Set up your Campaign!

Setting up a campaign is easy to do! Have a goal. Pick a name. Choose a photo. Once you complete the form, you can begin the process of fundraising! 

Want to to start a fundraiser for Women's History Month? Click the link below!

Step 2: Share your Campaign

Once you have finalized your materials for the campaign, it’s time to spread the word! Share on social media, email, text, and call your friends. The more people you tell, the faster you will reach your campaign!

Click here to create and download materials for your campaign!

Step 3: Campaign Updates

We will be in touch throughout your campaign with information about gifts and how to reach out to your team. After your campaign ends, we will follow up to let you know how your campaign has transformed lives!