The COVID-19 pandemic brought about regulations including: lockdowns, restricted travels, curfews, and limited movements inside the country. The number of food insecure people in Africa has increased by 135%. 

Many farmers have been unable to get to their farming locations because of the distance. Farmers found success in their planting but could not sell their produce due to the restrictions.  First, there were no vehicles to move the crops to the people. Second, there were no means of transporting the produce to the needed market. We also found that locusts are severely affecting food production and harvest in east Africa. 

Updates from some of our Villages in Africa: 

The Ethiopian government announced that every citizen should grow different vegetables and grains, even on small plots of land, to stave off food shortages due to the pandemic. It has been forecasted that the total production of grains and vegetables will decline. In an effort to help with the situation, the government has provided special seeds for the TCD program in Elala and Tuti villages. Also, our TCD Agriculture Committee has prepared the farms to be ready for seedlings. 

In Didi Hara Village, Ethiopia,  the Agricultural Committee has been working hard to plant a variety of vegetables. Due to the virus, the government projects a shortage of farm production. They have encouraged the farmers to work hard and have provided them with a variety of seeds. Our agricultural groups have benefited from this, so they are continuing to work hard to increase food production.

In Marsabit Village, Kenya, village food security has suffered a great hit due to drought during the previous season, which was followed by heavy rainfall that caused serious flooding and then an invasion of locusts which destroyed crops and vegetation cover. Now with the Coronavirus pandemic, the situation and people’s lives are hugely challenged and strained. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to worsen food security and nutritional outcomes. 

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