Central Asia

The COVID-19 crisis couldn’t have hit Central Asia at a worse time.  With its proximity to China, like many parts of the world, Central Asia’s economy is integrated to and reliant on China. This includes the agriculture sector.  With international borders closed and domestic movement limited, farmers couldn’t procure seeds and/or were cut off from local markets.  Our local GHNI staff worked tirelessly to start hundreds of FAITH (Food Always In The Home) Kitchen Gardens in various areas.  However, there are still widespread food shortages reported in the region.


Our response to these food shortages will be focused on two aspects: short-term emergency food relief and increasing and protecting existing crops. Winters are very harsh and some villages are snowed in for months at a time. Due to the weather and the pandemic, countless kids are going to bed hungry. Our short-term food packages will help alleviate the acute suffering.  Our other focus is increasing and protecting existing crops.  For example, education on seed harvesting, building inexpensive and effective cold storage, low-cost greenhouses (to extend the grow season, or start it earlier) and seed distribution in the Spring. The specific intervention will depend on the needs of the families and the expertise of our local staff. 

Earlier this year, your generosity saved lives, minimized the suffering of anxious mothers and children, and helped feed countless families. THANK YOU!  Your continued support is greatly appreciated.