Middle East

Despite the challenges from COVID-19, our office in Jordan has been able to continue working with refugee families. For the past few months, our team has met with a variety of groups and individuals to not only bring awareness, but also educate on how to prevent COVID-19. We have also been able to continue relief work through food box distribution, which includes the basic necessities for a family to live off for 2 weeks. 

Through our Transformational Community Development (TCD) programs, we have been able to discuss the importance of being careful about self-hygiene, applying the needed requirements when outside homes and around people, like wearing face masks and gloves, and always washing hands and using hand sanitizer.

We offered two TCD courses in health education at the office. Over 20 individuals attended the session. Each person who attended received a package of food and a hygiene packet for their families as they were going home. 

Through your support, we have been able to provide food boxes to hundreds of refugee families.

House of Ruth, Jordan 

In the House of Ruth, we also provided a TCD training with the committee. In this training, we focused on moving from relief to development. Dr. Fadi, the doctor in the House of Ruth, shared about health education and about COVID-19. He talked about methods of prevention, personal sanitation, and the importance of social distancing. At the end, we distributed sanitizer for each of the attendees. Dr. Fadi also noticed there's a significant proportion of villagers who had diabetes and high blood pressure, so he decided to do awareness sessions specifically for them. 

Goat Loan Program

In Mufaradat Village, Kassim's* son had an accident and was badly burnt. He had to stay in the hospital for two days. They didn’t have the cash that was needed to cover the payment and the medicine. Kassim didn’t have anyone around to help her. Through our Goat Loan Program, Kassim was able to act. She sold two of the goats and covered all of the expenses for her son. 

Raed, National Field Leader Assistant, had training with Ammar, Maliha, Widad, and two other members of the committee of the new village, to discuss a few of the Transformational Community Development (TCD) principles. They were able to brainstorm ideas and solutions to solve their own villages’ problems.

Currently, we are waiting to see their suggested solutions and ideas to help transform their village. It is important for them to take the first step and lead the project. 

We are very thankful for supporters like yourself, who are helping these families in their time of need. We are not able to continue our work without you!