Southeast Asia

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused widespread disruption in Southeast Asia with a broad economic impact on many sectors.  In some villages we partner with, upwards of 20% of households have lost their income during lockdowns and quarantine, which in some areas lockdowns have returned or continued in some fashion since March.  Where appropriate, GHNI staff and partners responded with immediate food aid for impacted households.  As the pandemic wore on, we have shifted towards addressing the root causes affecting food security in some of these communities.  In Northern Thailand, for example, our staff hosted training for local champions on year-round home gardening techniques.  These champions are now starting their own gardens in their communities!

In Western Myanmar, where the pandemic and security issues prevent our staff from visiting communities, we have been gathering agricultural resources to introduce once our staff can return.  In the meantime, we continue to provide emergency food aid to these communities, who are shut off from the outside world due to COVID-19 and regional conflict.  

Please consider supporting our ongoing training efforts in Southeast Asian communities as well as giving towards the immediate relief needs in Western Myanmar.