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Latest stories from africa

An African woman showing her sack farm
Nov 04 2022

Localised Water Leads to Growing Gardens

More and more villagers are learning the benefits of farming and kitchen gardens.
Nov 01 2022

Wellness Through Water and Latrines

With enthusiasm for the new well and potable water, the community continued to engage in TCD through the development of new latrines.
Nov 01 2022

A Healthier Takon Village

TCD launched with wide support from the villagers, especially after so many benefited from last year’s medical outreach.
Nov 01 2022

Learning to Embrace Transformation

With the VIP Latrine ready for use, the community is learning to embrace new systems and habits.
Ahumbe students standing in front of a sowing machine and the clothing they made.
Nov 01 2022

Tailoring Apprentices

The tailoring centre is going strong with eight apprentices learning a life changing trade.
Student, Salma, giving a customer a massage.
Oct 31 2022

Steps Towards Employment

With training and hard work, the students of Isiolo Empowerment Centre look towards a future of employment.
Kenyan villager, Buke, and her small business food stand
Oct 31 2022

A Small Business Brings Big Changes

Although her business is small, it brings big changes for one woman and her family living in the Kibera Slums.
Gem villagers getting clean water from their dip wall.
Oct 31 2022

Water Project Completed!

Gem Village just completed their Water project!
Attir villager, Mzee Ekai, with his large group of chickens.
Oct 31 2022

A Growth-Mindset Leads to Chicken Farming

Diversifying a village’s resources leads to many opportunities.
A mother in the middle of feeding her baby.
Oct 31 2022

A Well-Nourished Future

Although the community may have diverse understandings, everyone agrees they want the best for their children.

Latest stories from asia

Nov 04 2022

Local Resources Used as Concrete Reinforcement

Villagers come together to repair the only road to their village using bamboo strips as rebar.
Nov 01 2022

Food Distributions Help Many Hungry Families

Poverty causing hunger abounds in Afghanistan. Thank you for helping to nourish families!
A girl planting a sapling
Oct 31 2022

Planting Trees For a Healthy Future

Families are continuing to learn about balanced nutrition and healthy diets.
A beehive tray being held by a villager.
Oct 31 2022

Income Generation Completed!

Learning to help one another, Ramantar villagers succeed in their Income Generation project!
An indoor TCD meeting with a small group of villagers.
Oct 31 2022

Water Project Completed!

Completing their Water project, the Ramantar community is unified.
Ramantar villagers working with bees and honey.
Oct 31 2022

Beekeeping and Chickens Bring Success

Cleaning up, maintaining an income, and working hard to bring a village together.
A small group of villagers attending a TCD meeting outdoors.
Oct 31 2022

Wellness Project Completed!

Completing the transformative effect of TCD, Chainpur has completed their Wellness project!
A Myanmar family consisting of two woman and two children.
Oct 31 2022

Families at Risk Receive Help and Hope

Food shortages in stores make it difficult to provide aid to vulnerable families.
Children in line to use clean water.
Oct 31 2022

Water Project Completed!

Completing the Water project has brought great transformation in Chainpur!
A Myanmar villager with plantation field
Oct 31 2022

A First Harvest after Three Years

Villagers are excited as they anticipate the first harvest of the agricultural programme.

Latest stories from the middle east

Nov 01 2022

Finding Reconciliation at Seaside

While the centre gained the attention of local leaders, the most rewarding progress was found on a trip to the seaside, where many mothers found reconciliation with their...
One of the students, Hamida, focused on her work
Oct 31 2022

Helping Women and Students Excel

Through several programmes, women and students are receiving needed care and training.
Jordan volunteers in a group photo with a recipient getting a donated wheelchair.
Oct 31 2022

Reaching Refugees by Providing Mobility

Many volunteers came together to meet the needs of a displaced community.
Oct 07 2022

Excelling in Health, Training, and Language

Through the clinic and other programmes, health and training are flourishing.
Sep 01 2022

Better Together, Team Education

We prepared a TEAM education project where Turkish and American educators work with GHNI.
Sep 01 2022

Activities Abound at the House!

Besides having a much-needed medical clinic, class offerings include English, sewing, computer, crafts, and a mosaic workshop.
Sep 01 2022

The Clinic and Classes Benefit Many

The doctor, nurse, and teachers enhance the health and lives of many at the House of Ruth.
Aug 15 2022

Diligent Women Enjoy a Nature Break

The women reflected on the importance of nature and the need to enjoy it.


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