Meet the GILPP Curriculum and Design Team

Dr. Kathaleen Reid-Martinez

Dr. Reid-Martinez currently serves as the Dean of the Geneva Institute for Leadership and Public Policy and the Provost at Oral Roberts University. She is also a Senior Advisor to Partners for Peace Consortium. Her research, consultations, and presentations have spanned five continents as she has pursued a better understanding of education, leaders and their communication.


Prof. Prabhu Guptara

Prof. Guptara is a an authority on the impact of technology on globalization, corporate social responsibility, and comparative and cross-cultural ethics as well as management and leadership issues. He has been Chairman, Director or Board Member of various companies and organizations. He continues to supervise PhD research at the University of Fribourg as well as a visiting professor at various Universities and Business Schools around the world

Dr. Jerry Regier

Dr. Regier is an experienced public policy leader in the USA having served in three presidential administrations and two gubernatorial administrations.He has served as Secretary in the Cabinet Ministry for two state governors over Children & Families, and over Health. He also led the U.S. National Office of Juvenile Delinquency Prevention and headed a state juvenile justice office.