Transformational Leadership Development

TLD is an intensive leadership development course designed for emerging world leaders to bring positive change. Transformation happens when leaders learn to see beyond the status quo to inspire others to achieve new levels of excellence, creativity and productivity.

Our purpose is to be a resource to equip respected and progressive leaders in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. It is the leaders, themselves, who will create solutions for the significant challenges their communities face. We are committed to training and empowering leaders, each nation's most valuable resource, to courageously lead in new ways.

An Integrated Curriculum

  • Leading by Influence
  • Building Leaders around You
  • Leading Effective Teams

Universal. We focus on the International Community’s best leadership practices, not Western culture.

Discovery. We believe these universals are already a part of the fabric of all cultures. Our role is one of guided discovery—helping leaders discover what they already know and how to apply it.

Life Stories. We are not merely informational in approach, but transparent and personal. We enlist experienced leaders to teach, model, and mentor leaders.

Honor. We value the participants’ strengths, responsibilities, and commitment to excellence. We believe it will be the emerging leaders themselves who will discover solutions for the significant challenges they face.

Humility. We listen to understand each culture and their unique challenges.

Participation. We engage participants in meaningful activity to create understanding and awareness.

Relevant. Our teaching connects to life.


What Leaders Have Been Equipped?

  • Ministers, Deputy Ministers, and Directors (Finance, Health, Commerce, Education, Energy, Agriculture, Revenue, Security, Justice, Counter-Narcotics, Radio and Television, Human Rights, Women’s Affairs and others)
  • Deputy Governors and Leaders of Provincial Governments
  • Supreme Court Justices
  • Members of Parliament
  • Medical Professionals, professors and business leaders.

Experiencing Change

Here are some of the things our conference participants are saying:

 “I am not a dictator anymore! I bring in people and ask them what they think about a problem to see if they have any ideas. And now I really listen to what they are saying.”

 “I’m glad you came, these ideas are foundations of society--I’m not flattering--this is what we really need.”

“I believe your project is crucial and it is a great gift to our people. I can confidently tell you that I and my people needed to have this training long ago.”


What Can I Do?

You can bring help and hope to millions of people in nations which desperately need it most by investing in the lives of leaders. The average cost for project expenses per nation is $25,000.00. Your financial partnership will be used to transform not only the leaders, but the people they impact.

For more information concerning nations currently being impacted by TLD, please contact GHNI’s Director of Transformational Leadership Development, Mike Shea.

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