Refugees in the Middle East

In our mission to bring Help and Hope to the Middle East we have been working with refugee families across the region. Join us as we bring, not only relief, but also long-term development through Transformational Community Development (TCD) to these families.

Armenia: House of Esther

War in Syria and Iraq has dispersed many people, fleeing for their lives, from their homes. Many have found refuge in their ancestral homeland of Armenia, a small country east of Turkey, north of Syria and Iraq. Learn more...

Will you help refurbish the center and provide beds and hygiene products for the residents?



Greece: Refugee Families in Greece

GHNI is serving the refugee families in Greece as funds become available to support a mobile medical/dental clinic.  Learn More... 

Will you help these families by providing aid such as food and hygiene items or help fund the mobile medical clinic?




Holy Land: Internally Displaced Peoples

Facing violence of their own, families have fled their homes and are taking refuge in their own country. Learn more...

Will you join us in helping those affected by the violence in Holy Land?



Iraq: Refugees in Northern Iraq and Kurdistan

These are some of the hardest to reach refugees in the Middle East who are suffering terribly from trauma and grief due to the violence there. Learn more...

Will you help provide aid, such as food and hygiene items, to refugees in Northern Iraq and Kurdistan?



Jordan: Families Adopting Families

Our team in Jordan will connect you to a specific refugee family who is working toward self-sustainability by engaging in Transformational Community Development. Learn more...

Will you adopt a refugee family?



Jordan: House of Ruth

A community center providing education and income generation training for refugee women and children. Learn more...

Will you join us as we empower women and children through the House of Ruth?



Lebanon: Refugees

Our TCD workers have been providing relief and training refugees in TCD since the violence began in Syria and Iraq. Learn more...

Will you join us in bringing aid and sustainable development training to the refugee families in Lebanon?



Turkey: Refugees

Many Syrian and Iraqi refugees have fled to Turkey to escape violence in their home countries. Learn more...

Will you help bring relief to refugee families in Turkey?