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Bendall* Village is located in the central highlands of Afghanistan. The majority of the people are Hazaras, a ethnic minority group who often suffer socio-economic and political discrimination. The community is dependent on agriculture as a main source of income and food. The area is particularly affected by drought and this, in combination with long and severe winters limit access and development in the area.

Even before GHNI came along, many communities throughout the province had already worked together to improve their own lifestyles, particularly viewing education as the right of all children and combining financial resources to buy generators for a few hours of user-pays electricity at night. In its own way this reflects openness to making change and is an ideal base from which TCD can be implemented.

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From our first meeting, the community expressed a desire for help with safe drinking water and BliSS (Birth Life Saving Skills) lessons. These are designed to teach safe birthing practices to reduce the rate of infant mortality and improve prenatal and infant care. In addition to this, men and women are learning how to improve the health of their families and communities.

Our TCD trainer also discussed the other needs of the village with the community. With a population of enthusiastic youth who have expressed a desire for success in their education, the benefit of establishing a computer centre was evident.

*For purposes of security and well-being, “Bendall” is a pseudonym of the village being helped by this project.