Nayak Women's Center


Nayak Women's Center

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The Nayak Women's Center is filled with women ready to change and uplift hope in their local community and families. This project has a significant impact on the women of this rural village area, and by extension their families and the overall community. This project seeks to teach holistic wellness, as well as nutrition and empowerment to each woman involved. 

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Transformational Community Development©

Transformational Community Development (TCD) is a five-part coaching-based method used to create self-sustaining communities. These five parts are clean water, nutritious food, education for every boy and girl, income generation, and wellness habits. Hands-on learning employing the principles of nutrition and self-sustainment are implemented as the women establish and maintain a kitchen garden at our nearby poplar farm plot and greenhouse. In addition to this, women aim to establish a self-sustaining source of income generation for themselves, and again by extension of their families. GHNI provides training and a venue for tailoring/embroidery business services to the women in this area.