Armenia: Spitak Sewing Project


Armenia: Spitak Sewing Project

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In the village of Spitak, Armenia, our GHNI associate, Tamara, began a sewing and creative art class for the women. Both of these focuses are very sellable in current market conditions and will allow these women to develop their practical and artistic skills, while creating a path for them to become self-employed. In this community the unemployment rate is about 50%, which includes many of these women - some of whom are also single mothers.

GHNI is requesting your help in allowing this project and its phases to be implemented quickly. Tamara, in her oversight of this, has requested 5 new sewing machines and a sewing trainer for 6 months. These women who are currently being trained will be able to train others in the following months. The initial sewing items will be Covid-19 masks, using local materials donated from the community. 

Please join us as we expand the presence and influence of GHNI and this project that integrates our Transformational Community Development (TCD) focus so well.