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Champion Village TCD

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The challenges of the rural poor in Bangladesh are similar to their neighboring nations. Vulnerable to the slavery of human trafficking, a struggling economy and political and religious tensions cause families to feel helpless.

Though only about two hours from the center of the capital of Dhaka, *Champion Village is undeveloped and its people are living in extreme poverty. Of the 1500 residents (700 male, 800 female), only 40% of males and 30% of females are educated. Most of the villagers are farmers, though some find work in the garment factory in the city.

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Transformational Community Development©

Due to their remote location and lack of education, these villagers have become stuck in the cycle of poverty. They invited GHNI leaders to show them how they could pull themselves out of this situation.

The community gathered together in 2014 to bore a well in their village alongside GHNI leaders. Positive relationships developed through that project which inspired villagers to begin a full TCD journey which began in early 2015. GHNI leaders see Champion Village as a community who can be a model of TCD for surrounding villages, therefore spreading self-sustainable transformation throughout remote locations of Bangladesh.

Health, Slavery Prevention, and Income Generation are key needs which will launch TCD in this village. And as in so many good TCD models where the village committees themselves choose the trajectory of their future, they are looking forward to finding a way to better educate their children. GHNI leaders and local partners are confident in the villager’s ability to come together and become a community where their families are safe from traffickers, live healthier lives, and can provide for their children.

*For purposes of security and well-being, "Champion Village" is a pseudonym of the village being helped by this project.