Bankim TCD


Bankim TCD

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Bankim will be a key village for growing TCD in French-speaking Cameroon. This village is looking to be a model village for the French-speaking Adamawa Province of the country. Populated by the hard-working Tikar, Yamba, Mambila and Kondja tribes, predominantly subsistence farmers, sandwiched amidst many tribes that are willing to encounter transformation.


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Water – There is clean water at a little distance from the village. The villagers have to travel to access the water.

Food – The people are predominantly farmers living in poverty. They consume most of the crops that they produce, meaning they are subsistence farmers.

Income – They are low on income, as expected of subsistence farmers.

Education – The educational institution for the region is more than 10km away (about 5 miles).  However, there is a grade school in the village.

Wellness – The waste disposal system is crude and unhygienic.