Dovangha Village TCD


Dovangha Village TCD

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The Village 

Dovangha, a community within 250 kilometers radius to a major city  is suffering water, health  and income generation difficulties because there is no access to principles of community development. This community is locked up amidst other villages and hidden behind the rocks. 


However, it houses an incredible amount of people.  Yet they have suffered for years without adequate supplies of clean, safe water, without grinding machines for their food, and absolutely no latrine or waste disposal system.   This village is excited to begin finding solutions by working together with GHNI TCD teams.


Transformational Community Development©

These issues can be resolved through partnering with TCD workers who will share tools of community development, practiced the world over by Global Hope Network International’s teams. TCD will equip the communities to overcome these challenges.  It has been proven in many other communities, and it will work in this village. TCD will bridge the gap and provide dynamic steps to the community to be transformed.