Nkar Village


Nkar Village

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The Village 

Populated by the hard-working Nso tribe, predominantly subsistence farmers, sandwiched amidst many tribes that are willing to encounter transformation, is Nkar Village. Nkar is located on the road that leads from Cameroon to the east of Nigeria. Currently, GHNI is still in the entry stages of TCD. In the village, there is a strong need for income generation, as most residents are subsistence farmers, meaning they consume the products they grow, leaving none to sell in local markets to other villagers for profit. Nkar Village also lacks access to a nearby school, and a proper waste disposal system. The people living in Nkar Village are invested in transforming their community and ending their own poverty. 

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Transformational Community Development©

Nkar Village will be a key village for growing TCD in English-speaking Cameroon. This village is looking to be a model village for the English-speaking region of the country. This village provides a perfect starting location for creating TCD workers for the rest of the English speaking provinces of Cameroon, as well as for western-central Nigeria. TCD workers starting in this village will be able to travel to the afore-mentioned areas of Cameroon. Nkar Village will work to end their own poverty through Transformational Community Development.