Ezbet El Amir Village TCD


Ezbet El Amir Village TCD

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The Village 

Ezbet el Amir is a small area of Cairo, one of the most densely populated cities in the world, containing 15,000 people. The houses overlap each other and poverty is inherited through generations. Many people work small jobs for inadequate pay; there are very few opportunities for the poor to move up. Lack of education, the recent revolution, lack of jobs, just to name a few reasons, all become part of the cycle of poverty of which many people in Cairo are born into.

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Transformational Community Development©

As the GHNI Egypt team set out to help the poorest of the poor in Cairo, what they saw in Ezbet el Amir tugged at the compassion in their hearts.  Riddled with a low literacy rate and poor medical care, if you can call it that, this village seemed to live not even knowing what hope is.

GHNI leaders met, Moses, a respected man in the community who was interested in working alongside GHNI to help his people and is now our “Man of Peace.”

The village was so poor when we came in that we had to first start with providing some food relief.  The primary TCD focus is to begin literacy classes and open a medical clinic.