Ezbet El Nakhl Village TCD


Ezbet El Nakhl Village TCD

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The Village 

Ezbet El Nakhl is an area in Cairo which is extremely poor. The root of the poverty in this village goes back generations.  Now children are being born into a cycle of poverty, and know nothing else. They remain in poverty because they’ve learned and believe that nothing can be done.  There is no hope.

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Transformational Community Development©

In early 2011 GHNI came to the people of Ezbet el Nakhl to provide disaster relief during the height of the People’s Revolt.  The community was grateful for the help and was enthused to work toward self-sustainability through GHNI’s TCD methods.

Before GHNI arrived, the people did what they knew; digging through the garbage to find items that would be useful in their homes or to sell for income.  The unsanitary conditions combined with malnourishment left their families with an array of health issues.  The GHNI team launched the project with medical checks and health and wellness lessons as their first TCD priority.