Helwan Village TCD


Helwan Village TCD

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The Village 

About a 45 minute drive outside of Cairo, resting on the bank of the Nile, Helwan contains about 3,000 people or 450-500 family homes, or shacks made out of tin or cement blocks. The main income for the people in this village is through sorting and collecting garbage.

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With no electricity, drainage system, or medical services in the area, the wellness of the people in Helwan Village is poor. The nearest school being 7km (almost 5 miles) away, the children have little chance of an education. Even the religious leaders of the village survive by collecting and selling garbage.

Becoming engaged in this community, our team aims to help the villagers find the best way to purify water to diminish disease and begin a health clinic in the area. Beginning literacy classes for children is also a primary goal. Eventually, helping the people to build more reliable homes including the benefit of electricity is a goal of GHNI leaders.