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GHNI is working to provide sustainable and nutritious food sources while using the model of  "Back to Eden" gardens, greenhouses, and orchards. We will provide training and therapy for veterans. We are working alongside two local agencies, together, to provide housing (one of the first of its kind) to young people after finishing their time in the military service, open to every culture, religion or ethnicity. These young men and women will not only learn about each other but will learn and work in agriculture together, growing healthy produce for local families in need. From the produce harvested, some will go to feed local families, orphans, and widows; offering these families healthy grade A organic fruits and vegetables. The young people working in the gardens will learn the trade of agriculture as well as how to grow for themselves and their families.  They will also benefit from experiencing the healing that comes from giving, when sharing their harvest with families locally who need a helping hand. 

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Transformational Community Development©

Transformational Community Development works to end extreme poverty by helping communities resolve five key issues proven to perpetuate extreme poverty - lack of access to clean water, lack of renewable and nutritious food, lack of wellness habits, lack of education for children and a lack of income-generating resources for families.

In this community of veterans, we will begin with wellness and agriculture to meet the needs of renewable and nutritious food, as well as healing for body and mind.