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Jacobs Ladder

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This cluster is home to 75 villages and 290,000 people.   The villagers feel hopeless and are extremely poor.  There is little opportunity for education, health care is almost nonexistent and unemployment is very high. We want to bring help and hope to the hidden and hurting people of these villages.  This region holds historical relevance due to the belief it is near where the biblical Jacob fought with God himself in Hebrew and Christian tradition.


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Transformational Community Development©

As we begin meeting with the villagers, committees will be formed for the five key areas known to contribute to extreme cyclical poverty -  clean, accessible water; a renewable, nutritious food source; education for children; wellness habits and regional health concerns; and income generation for families. Each committee will seek to determine the best solutions for each need.

After finding success in a nearby TCD education program, we are launching an expansion program providing education to the youth in the villages.