How to Adopt a Village

Would you Like to Save the Lives of Families by Ending Extreme Poverty? You Can.

Your family, friends, church, business or organization can partner with a specific developing village in Africa, Asia or the Middle East. Together, working alongside villagers, we will build a better future for their children.


Make a Commitment

Make an annual financial commitment which goes to fund TCD Trainers and TCD Projects in your adopted village.

Build a Relationship

Build a true relationship with your village through our regular updates, GHNI Partner Trips and actual live video conversations.


Celebrate with your adopted village as they reach TCD milestones! 

Sound great? It is! We're passionate about directly connecting people with villages all over the world. You may, in some areas, have the opportunity to visit your village through our partner trips.

Your Adoption Options:

Join a team of 99 other people to adopt a village at $12.50/month. Choose a village directly from our Village Transformation page.

OR…fully adopt your own village, from our waiting list, as an individual or with your group by emailing Jonathan Dugan, Director of Resource Development, US at