Binodpur Village TCD


Binodpur Village TCD

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The Village 

BP Village is a small village in West Bengal, in India. The total population of the village is 5,330 people. There is no hospital, no high school, and no computer center in this village, and the nearest hospital is 48 km away. The female illiteracy rate of the village is 36%. This village did not have electricity until about one year ago. More than half of the villagers are non-working.

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Transformational Community Development©

Transformational Community Development (TCD) is a five-part coaching-based method used to create self-sustaining communities. These five parts are clean water, nutritious food, education for every boy and girl, income generation, and wellness habits. In BP Village, TCD will be used to help shape, strengthen and provide hope to the villagers living there. Teaching individuals about the five parts will help to create a self-sustaining community, ultimately ending rural extreme poverty.