Chandrapura Village


Chandrapura Village

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The Village 

Chandrapura is a village of about 700 people in eastern India. Agriculture is the primary livelihood. Villagers here depend on rice cultivation and the ability to raise livestock, but they do not have an adequate water source to fully accommodate these activities. Only about half of the children in the village attend school, because their parents are not aware of the importance of education. Common health concerns include malnutrition and malaria.

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Transformational Community Development©

The development focus is to help the village become self-sustainable in the 5 key areas of TCD: Food, Water, Income, Education and Wellness.

Through the TCD process, GHNI will train the local community through education and collaborative projects, so that villagers will have the knowledge and skills to become self-sustainable. The education will center on TCD lessons, covering their primary need and problems.

The villagers have already formed a committee who will be responsible for any project in the future. Right now one of the key leaders from the village is surveying the villagers closely to find out their current situations. Villagers have formed a group of self-sustaining microloans, where they save 20 rupees ($.25) every month, which will be used to provide loans to any of them who is in need.