Kharibari Village TCD


Kharibari Village TCD

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The Village 

Kahairbari is located around 75 kms east of Siliguri, home to around 200 families.  The village is comprised of different ethnic tribes such as Oraon, Munda, Santals and a few Nepali and Bengali families.  These people are living in acute poverty due to lack of regular income sources.  Most families depend on daily casual work such as stone braking, collecting and selling firewood, working on cultivation fields in harvest season and working as construction labors in nearby towns.  Due to lack of employment in the area, human trafficking is on the rise. Few families have small pieces of land but lack water and farming equipment keep it underutilized.  Lack of potable water, proper sanitation / toilets and electricity are added problems.  School is not possible for most children as families are not able to pay for books and uniforms, the school is far away from the village and most children are needed to help their families produce income.   Few villagers had electricity at one time but it has been disconnected due to nonpayment.

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Transformational Community Development©

The goal is to first find safe drinking water to curb disease and adopt a healthy lifestyle.  Then we will work on income generation from locally available resources, improving living conditions.  Education for the children is another important goal that we will be working on.