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The village of Mawa is in South Sulawesi province, about an hour outside of Makassar City.  Most of the villagers are farmers, raising local crops and selling them at markets six months of the year.   During the dry season, they are unable to farm and most men leave the village, seeking low paying jobs as bicycle taxi drivers in the city or herding livestock for others.  During the assessment phase, local government officials pointed our TCD training team to this community, indicating that it was one of the poorest communities in the area and suffered from a lack of access to clean water.  The nearest source of surface water is 800 meters from the village, and it is not clean.


The community needs a clean source of water for drinking, as well as additional water volume during the dry season so that the men can continue their farming practice.  This will allow men to remain in the community year-round, strengthening families and the community in general.    Beyond increased agricultural productivity, the village also needs additional sources of income.  The average monthly income is about 55 USD.  This is one-third of Indonesia’s minimum wage.  Many children in the village are not attending school due to the cost, and simple skin diseases are prevalent among members of the community.


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Transformational Community Development©

As the program moves forward, the TCD training team will continue to visit regularly (twice a week), training committee members and program volunteers in lessons focused on the needs that the village continues to identify.  From an outside perspective, we see needs in the following sectors:

  • Water – quality and quantity need to be improved.  The nearest source is 800 meters from the village.
  • Income Generation – monthly income (~55 USD) is one-third of minimum wage
  • Wellness – skin diseases are prevalent; poor hygiene is the suspected culprit
  • Education – many kids in the village are unable to attend school

As the TCD program matures, we expect that the village will identify additional issues they would like to address.