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Sendana is located 350 meters above sea level, in a remote, mountainous area. Currently there is more than 80 hectare of cocoa being grown, but many of the farmers have lost hope that their cocoa production could ever be what it used to be. In the words of one farmer, “We are waiting for a solution!”

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Transformational Community Development©

Desiring to help the declining cocoa farming villages of west Sulawesi, our local GHNI Indonesia team began assessing potential TCD villages in west Sulawesi in August of 2012, assessing more than nine potential villages over a period of seven months.

Beginning in March of 2013, the team kicked off the TCD program with a “Vision Seminar,” describing in detail the vision and structure for the new cocoa program followed by a seed project.

TCD lessons began with topics such as, “how to clean and why to prune” and “how to recognize cocoa diseases.” Such lessons will aid the village in the construction of a cocoa demonstration area to help take the “cocoa farming theory” and apply what they have learned. The vision is to begin the model cocoa program in Sendana, with plans to expand into other nearby areas.