Vocational Training Program


Vocational Training Program

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The Project

Lack of proper training or skill set in any occupation has largely disqualified many Middle Eastern families for jobs. When GHNI leaders in Jordan recognized that finding sustainable jobs was nearly impossible for many families, they decided to do something about it. We wanted to find a way to reduce the gaps in income which was bringing families to an impoverished and hopeless state.

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How the Vocational Training Program brings “Help and Hope”

The Vocational Training Program (VTC) is GHNI’s solution to the lack of job sustainability for a large number of families in Jordan. The program is comprised of two parts.

The first part of VTP is to identify a target family which will benefit most from the program. GHNI will then help to provide one member of that family who is of age with a loan toward their education at a vocational school, allowing for them to obtain a job that will provide sustainable income and increase the family’s living situation.

It is through this job that the student will also pay back the money GHNI loaned to them, allowing for us to help another family through VTP. This is a lesson also incorporated into the second part of the training, which is to educate the student in ethical and moral values. These moral and ethical values will aid them in their career but also in helping to develop a community of justice and peace. This part of the program is led by group of peacemaking community leaders.