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Gem Village TCD

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Gem is a village of the Turkana tribe, 5km outside the town of Isiolo where our office is based. It is one of the worst-off Turkana villages in our area. In following up on orphans at a nearby orphan center, we discovered that almost all of them were from Gem. We determined that the best way to help the orphans was to help the village of Gem with TCD, beginning with those who are caring for those orphans. 


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We have identified a Man of Peace and the village is very open to us. Our initial efforts will focus on 2-3 women’s income groups, comprised of women caring for the orpahns. We will also help the village build a dormitory for up to 30 orphan boys and girls. As those projects show themselves to be self-sustaining (thus demonstrating the essence of TCD) we will help the village move toward forming all 5 TCD Committees.