Kibera Slum TCD


Kibera Slum TCD

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The Kibera Slum is one of the largest, well-known slums in the world, whereby many job seekers, IDPs from Sudan, Nairobi City watchmen and many thousands of casual labourers from all tribes of Kenya live. Many job seekers from all corners of Kenya whether they are learned or not (there are many graduates and well-educated people living here) go there to live with relatives as they seek for work in Nairobi during the day.


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Transformational Community Development©

In the Kibera Slum, most occupants live according to tribes, people coming to Kibera identify where their tribe is living and joins to live with them there since all tribes of Kenya in Kibera Slum live close to people who speak their language. I once escorted a free medical team of doctors to Kibera, when the people discovered I was speaking their language, they surrounded me and said, “please come to help us, we are very much in need.” From my experience with Transformational Community Development (TCD) program and the results we’ve seen in Isiolo, we know TCD can work in the Kibera Slum and other slums as well.