Maisha Bora Village TCD


Maisha Bora Village TCD

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Maisha Borais, a village of the Borana, Somali, Meru and Turkana tribes. This village is 5km outside the town of Isiolo, where our national office is located, and is one of the villages known for having the highest rate of alcoholism in the area. After we followed up on the number of alcoholics in that area of the community, we determined the best way to help Maisha Bora people is coaching and empowering them with Transformational Community Development (TCD), bringing help and hope for a better future.


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Transformational Community Development©

As we start coaching in TCD with Maisha Bora, and begin helping to form TCD Committees, we will continually encourage the committees to set goals in all 5 areas of TCD development. We have identified a Man of Peace, who is trained and capable to handle conflicting opinions as they occur, leading committees to a peaceful negotiation on solutions.

This community is very open to the process and learning. Our initial efforts will focus on income groups, comprised of women who can bring creative ideas on how to solve their income needs through their own efforts and on how to sustain themselves. In our past experience with TCD, we have seen many villages and villagers transformed and believe Maisha Bora will be just as successful in their transformation.