Marsabit Cluster TCD


Marsabit Cluster TCD

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GHNI-Kenya has begun working with a new group of villages outside of Marsabit, Kenya. The town of Marsabit is located about 150 miles (245km) south of the Ethiopia-Kenya border and three hours north of villages we currently help outside the town of Isiolo, Kenya. This historically desolate area of Marsabit continually experiences tribal conflict, which is indicative of the severe poverty and underdevelopment they endure. These villages have now begun to welcome development, a crucial aspect in lessening the poverty that contributes to their frequent conflicts and quality of life deficiency.


Transformational Community Development©

Rotary club now has a club in the town of Marsabit and is committed to partnering with GHNI to help villages in the area. In the past, through TCD and our dedication to helping differing tribes, we have sown seeds of peace, sustainability, and collaboration between diverse villages and groups of people. We now hope to and repeat these successful TCD efforts in the Marsabit villages, bringing the different factions together and helping them thrive!