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Shambani is a village of the Turkana tribe, near the town of Isiolo. Upon our first visit in the summer of 2010, the village welcomed us with singing and dancing and a well-organized session where they articulated their critical needs.

Shambani is a larger village, with a few thousand people. Their dress is traditional colorful Turkana, but the picture of their poverty is anything but colorful. They have great needs – their one meal a day of corn and beans is barely above survival level.

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Transformational Community Development©

The Shambani people are willing to work hard.

At our first visit the village said that one of their greatest needs was to reduce disease, so we explained the importance of building latrines for themselves and gave them an assignment to dig one – 1 meter x 1 meter x 2 meters deep. We said we would come back in a week to see if they had done it, and if they had, we would begin working with them.

When we returned a week later they had dug TWO latrines. This is just one example of how community ownership fuels TCD in villages like Shambani.