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Imagine living as a foreigner and alien in your birth country. That’s the fate facing hundreds of thousands of refugees who have sought refuge throughout Lebanon from neighboring countries.

After over 60 years, these refugees still live in “camps” with no legal rights, forced to establish legal and illegal communities and institutions within communities. They’re not even second class citizens, but non-citizens with no country to call their own.

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Tripoli is not your typical GHNI village, as its residence live in long-term anticipation of belonging. The line between “relief” and “development” can be a little gray here; really, it’s a bit of both.

The refugees are forced to accept wages 75% less than those of their Lebanese counterparts — if they can find work at all. Rampant unemployment and economic hardship are the seeds of radicalism.

Honestly, many fathers of the children we’re assisting are in jail because of suspected terrorist activity. With your help, GHNI is working to offer educational, economic and social opportunities to these vulnerable children.