Tet Village TCD


Tet Village TCD

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GHNI is still in the entry stages of TCD for Tet Village.  The cluster is made of four villages in close proximity to Tet village and all are participating in the TCD process.


There are about 100 families, with an estimated population of 700 people.


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There is a scarcity of clean water. The only source of water supply is a river which passes near the village. The water is not clean for drinking. An organization had drilled a hand pump well for them in the past but the water gotten from the well is salty and not good for drinking. Another shallow well dug in the village had bad water. Both wells are out of use presently.  


The community has a rice plantation of about 47 hectares which the men farm communally. The women also have vegetable farms which they also cultivate communally. The common staple food available is rice, and vegetables like cucumber, cabbage, and eggplant. That is all they eat they need more varieties of food included in their diet for better nutrition.


There are very few latrines in the village.  No trash bins. The Health Center is very far from the village, about 60 kms away. The village chief is presently away to Senegal for medical treatment.  Sicknesses most prevalent in the village are stomach pain, dysentery, toothache and various skin infections, which may be preventable with wellness habits. There is no school in the village, the nearest school is across the river, about 5kms away. On our first contact, the village expressed willingness to donate land and put up a building for a primary school. Currently, the villagers eat almost all the food they produce, resulting in no income from farming.