Fes Village


Fes Village

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The Village 

*Fes village, in Morocco, is a community within a 250 kilometers radius to a major city, yet it is suffering water, health and income generation difficulties because it needs training in principles of community development. However, TCD will bridge the gap and provide dynamic steps to the community to be transformed.


Transformational Community Development©

The man of peace has continued to long for our involvement in this community. This leader hopes to pioneer a private education opportunity for students.  The team’s first initiatives, as the villagers desire, will be to teach and coach farming skills and increase their yield so they become empowered economically.


The women currently lack access to skill acquisition programs to empower them to apply their talents and energies to generate income. The women are ready to begin learning and implementing skills that enable them to use their gifts and talents, as well as increase income.  The community can improve their health by learning and developing tools to manage waste, keeping their environment clean.