Paletwa TCD Expansion


Paletwa TCD Expansion

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Join with us as we continue to partner with new communities in Southern Chin State, the poorest area in Myanmar, providing valuable TCD training and consultation in an area where there is little contact with outsiders.  We are currently active in Paletwa Township.  Communities in this area struggle with endemic malaria, lack of economic opportunity, and access to healthcare.  However, following our initial TCD training in 2018 for 29 villages, many of these communities began working together to address needs they have, building latrines and improving jungle pathways. We hope to see even greater things in 2019 and beyond!

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Transformational Community Development

Transformational Community Development (TCD) is a coaching-based method used to create self-sustaining communities. These five keys to building a sustainable community are clean water, nutritious food, education for every boy and girl, income generation, and wellness habits. In Paletwa, TCD will be used to help shape, strengthen and provide hope to the villagers living there. Teaching individuals about the five keys will help to create a self-sustaining community, ultimately ending rural extreme poverty.