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The Kailali area settled in southwest Nepal is at high risk for human trafficking. With
dozens of impoverished villages, including those in bonded labor, opportunities for income generation and education (especially for girls) are few and far between. Young women and children are frequently taken abroad with the false promise of jobs but instead are enslaved and sexually exploited. GHNI is passionate about providing alternative and safe occupations for these individuals.

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Transformational Community Development©

Through the help of national partners, GHNI will be reaching out to 6 villages via a primary school, located in Godavari Village, that is already hard at work building a better future for these village children at high-risk of being trafficked. By way of TCD, including Human Trafficking awareness lessons, GHNI and our national partners will help to cut trafficking off at the source: The hidden and hurting in rural and underdeveloped villages. It is our desire that these TCD and awareness efforts would expand into the mountainous regions where the majority of the unreached impoverished villages reside