Barza Village TCD


Barza Village TCD

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The village of Barza has a population of over 600 people.  The people are hard working farmers and some shepherd cattle and goats.  There are 2 wells that produce water intermittently and the wait for the pump can be as long as overnight. Food is grossly insufficient and if the rains are poor, famine results for the entire population.  They have a health center about 2km away, but it is very limited so most people walk 15 to 20km to a better equipped clinic.  Barza has one privatee school that is open onn and off - the students for secondary school travel as much as 15km each way to get to a good school.


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Transformational Community Development©

Transformational Community Development (TCD) This process helps villagers find their own solutions to the five areas keeping them in extreme poverty - clean, accessible water; a renewable, nutritious food source; education for children; wellness habits and regional health concerns; and income generation for families.