Dogon Gada


Dogon Gada

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In the savannah of northern Nigeria the village of Dogon Gada lays nestled among the dry brush and scattered baobab trees. The people in Dogon Gada are a peaceful people from the Dukawa tribe, a minority group that has been overlooked and neglected for years.

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Poverty in every form persists and weighs as a heavy burden upon the village. In just one year 20% of the families migrated away due to lack of water in this arid area – and that is not clean water, that is just ANY water. Water borne diseases are prevalent and children run around with bloated bellies due to lack of nutrition. There is not a single school in the village. Children work in the fields and attend to animals with little hope of ever getting an education.

GHNI is excited to partner with the people of Dogon Gada through our local staff couple Martins and Shade Atanda. Their hard work alongside a willing community has shown great strides, not only in Transformational Community Development, but in hope! The villagers can hope again that their lives can be marked by change and growth, that they can lead healthy lives, grow nutritious food, drink clean water and see that their children can get an education!