Tadurga Village TCD


Tadurga Village TCD

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Makera is the smallest and least developed of four Tadurga villages - population 500.  Most of the families in this village generate income from farming.  Housewives generate a meager income from sale of mangoes, tomatoes and pepper. Others travel to distant places to work for large farm owners.  A few have cows and goats.  Their only source of water is from a hand dug open hole.  The villagers queue up to fetch from the hole because you have to wait an hour for the water to gather after the last person has fetched.  Malaria, diarrhea, vomiting and kwashiorkor are common illnesses. There is a government owned health clinic 2kms from the village.


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Transformational Community Development©

Transformational Community Development (TCD) This process helps villagers find their own solutions to the five areas keeping them in extreme poverty - clean, accessible water; a renewable, nutritious food source; education for children; wellness habits and regional health concerns; and income generation for families.