Sindh Province


Sindh Province

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In southeast Pakistan rests a community seen as one of the poorest in its province. Extremely hot temperatures in the summer months and cool winters lend to an arid subtropical climate, limiting agriculture to all not located on the Indus River, which is the primary source of income. Those who don’t farm, work in the manufacturing plants, which process the cotton, mangos, rice, and sugarcane. These limited sources of income leave many families hungry and desperate.

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Historically, this group has lacked trust in outsiders, but a Man of Peace has reached out for his community.  After a period of building relationships with the villagers, they are now welcoming to TCD, committed to working together.

Introducing opportunities for more sustainable methods of income generation, the youth began engaging in computer training, women in sewing and small business training, and farmers in agricultural training.

TCD workers are excited about the potential of these villagers and as these seed projects progress they can establish an ongoing TCD project in one of the villages there to be a model for the surrounding villages.